We are always keen to have Mentonians share their memories and memorabilia with us. Here are some fascinating recollections from Garth Lewis:

“The first day of school in 1956 and ready for day one of six years of mind improvement at MGS. Twelve-year-old Garth Lewis looks disgustingly spiffy in his immaculate brand new uniform and impressive Gladstone bag, throw and kick-ready! What was in it I wonder? Vegemite and walnut sandwiches? Cheese and tomato sandwiches? How did I get to school that day anyway? There was definitely no parental driving, no car that is why! Push-bike was the mode of transport all of my school life, but not on day one. There was no way that the pristine uniform was going to be spoilt…that outlook was revised on day two, I believe!”

“The second photo pictured was in the newspaper (Sun News Pictorial or The Age), a scene of jingoistic fervour for the few seconds required to take the photo, then it was back to outdoing each other with schoolboy jokes. In addition, with serious indifference to our contemporaries splashing away in the aqua impura of the pool below. Yours truly in front row, 2nd from right.”

“The Biscuit Tin is a quaint memento, which I still possess to this day, 57 years later. I used to carry several very small jars of poster paint in the tin, for use under Mr. Duldig’s tutelage.”