Lifelong Connection

The Mentonians Association was officially formed in 1927 as The Mentonians Society but it has really been from the mid-sixties that the strength of the Old Mentonians has evolved, much of which is a result of the creation and growth of affiliated sporting clubs.

It is a testament to the dedication and passion of the many Old Mentonians who have kept the Footy, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball and Hockey Clubs alive over the years – including the introduction of girls’ teams following the School’s advancement into coeducation in 2006.

All of the ‘Old Mentonians Clubs’ play under the moniker of ‘The Panthers’ as a strong symbol of the ‘power, beauty and grace’ of Mentonians on the sporting field.

Join a Club

Joining one of the Mentonians sporting clubs is a great way to stay connected to fellow alumni and the wider School community, keep your passion for sport alive and stay fit! You will have lots of fun along the way playing as part of a team and participating in a range of club-based social activities.

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