Lottie Morison (Class of 2013)

2022 Mentonians Foundation Award Winner

I am researching communication skills in children with genetic conditions who have severe communication impairments. Speech and language disorder is the most common neurodevelopmental condition of childhood. We are understanding more about the genetic causes of speech and language disorder. In fact, the lab that I work in recently identified that 1 in 3 children with severe speech disorder have a genetic cause for their speech disorder. Speech and language disorder is common in genetic conditions but is poorly researched with clinical implications of critically delayed and inefficient speech therapy, with valuable time lost during childhood. As treatments and therapies for individuals with genetic conditions emerge, more information about speech and language is needed to measure response to treatment. My research will help answer frequently asked questions by families, “When and how will speech and language develop, what supports will a child need and for how long?”, alongside improving our understanding of three rare genetic conditions; Kleefstra Syndrome, Batten Disease and Angelman Syndrome. 

About the Foundation Scholarship

The Mentone Grammar Foundation provides the opportunity for Mentonians to apply for a grant of up to $15,000 to assist with the pursuit of Doctoral studies. The Mentonians Association and broader Mentone Grammar Community proudly supports our students to continue to ‘dream big’, long after they leave school.