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Mentonian Foundation Award 2023 Winners

Congratulations to Justin Griggs (2005), Lotus Jeffs (2018), and Kenneth Wu (2018) on receiving a grant of $15K each towards their PhD studies as this year’s Foundation Award recipients!

This year’s field of applicants was extremely strong, with Justin, Lotus, and Kenneth’s presentations so outstanding that the Mentonians Committee decided to award three PhD grants at the 2023 Awards Celebration Evening.

Here is a snapshot of our brilliant awardees and their individual PhD projects:

Justin Griggs (2005)

Sports Burnout in Youth Athletes

Justin is pursuing a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical and Sports) and his research focuses on understanding, treating, and preventing sports burnout in youth athletes. His work aims to inform practitioners in designing programs to reduce burnout in the sports field.

Lotus Jeffs (2018)

Neural Mechanisms Regulating Weight Control with a Focus on GPR75

Lotus is pursuing a Doctor of Physiology and her research centers around the neural mechanisms involved in weight control, with a specific focus on GPR75. Her work has implications for developing novel therapeutic treatments for obesity.

Kenneth Wu (2018)

Molecular and Cellular Calculation of Lymphocyte Population Dynamic

Kenneth is pursuing a Doctor of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Science and his research focuses on the molecular and cellular calculation of lymphocyte population dynamics. His work contributes to understanding and controlling the immune system, with implications for the development of new drugs and disease therapies.