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🎥 Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the film industry?

Meet Mentonian Thomas Watson (Class of 2014), a special effects technician for film and TV. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television from Deakin University, he started his career producing music and assistant directing videos for big-name artists.

During the pandemic, the media industry faced restrictions on filming, forcing Tom to explore new opportunities. He turned to Facebook groups, where he discovered an opportunity to create an advertisement for Melbourne University.

This move opened doors for him, and he landed roles in blockbuster movies and TV shows like Jack Irish, La Brea, Shantaram and more soon to be released. In his job as a special effects technician, Tom creates realistic and eye-catching effects like smoke, fire, rubble, weather, and blood effects like bullet holes and cuts. Safety is a priority for his team, and they ensure everything is done safely. Tom’s role demands technical knowledge, creativity, and adaptability.

Looking to break into the film industry? “Start by making connections through job postings on Facebook groups and take on small to medium size jobs, like being a runner or helping out on set,” he explains. “Persistence and patience are key, as it may take several attempts to land a job. Once you’re in, don’t be picky – take on all jobs, even catering, to get your foot in the door and meet people. Despite the glamour associated with film, the hours are long and gruelling. Many people give up before breaking through. The key to success is to show up, follow instructions, and ask helpful questions. A positive attitude will help you stand out and be remembered for future projects.”