Bihai Sun (Class of 2014)

2022 Mentonians Foundation Award Winner

My research is about more effective methods for reducing drag induced by turbulent flow. Coherent structures are flow phenomena that are believed to have a strong association with drag and other turbulent physical processes. Our research group uses both experimental and simulation methodology to study the effect of coherent structures in drag, turbulent mixing, flow separation and bushfire propagation. The aim of my research is to use state-of-art flow measurement techniques to study the evolution of coherent structures in turbulent flows and how they affect the exerted drag. Such techniques provide higher-dimensional, high-fidelity, and higher-resolution data for analysis, e.g., energy cascade, modal decomposition etc. I develop high-resolution time-resolved three-dimensional velocity field measurement techniques based on digital holography and apply them to a turbulent channel flow. My research will be the basis of drag-reduction devices for industry and defence, and ultimately leads to more efficient cars, trucks, planes, ships, and pipelines.  

About the Foundation Scholarship

The Mentone Grammar Foundation provides the opportunity for Mentonians to apply for a grant of up to $15,000 to assist with the pursuit of Doctoral studies. The Mentonians Association and broader Mentone Grammar Community proudly supports our students to continue to ‘dream big’, long after they leave school.