The Mentonians

Cameron Lancaster

Head of School Operations

B ASc (Digital Technology), Dip Ed, MLMEd

Cameron Lancaster was raised in bayside Seaford where his spare time was spent playing football, soccer, and baseball with his friends. “My school friendships were a really important part of school for me. Those are the lasting memories of my time at school.” Cam enjoyed his studies in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. “I tended to gravitate towards more logical subjects. English wasn’t my strong suit – so I turned it into Maths by working out the percentage I needed to pass!”

At the end of Year 9, Cam made a change that would unknowingly have a great impact on his future direction. In moving schools, Cam met a History Teacher who became a significant mentor in his career. “He was an ex-US Marine Drill Sergeant; very intimidating and certainly direct when speaking, but he had this great ability to relate to the students. We felt he really cared about each and every one of us and knew how to motivate us to put in our best effort. I was fortunate in that I had the opportunity to go back to the school and speak with him later in life.”

Pursuing his love of all things logical, Cam went on to study Digital Technology at Monash University which combined electrical engineering and computer science. He started his career working as an IT contractor but always felt drawn to education as he knew, from his own experience, the impact that a great teacher can have on the lives of young people.

He completed a Diploma of Education with the intention of becoming an instructor in the Australian Navy. However, he learned of a job opportunity teaching IT at Mentone Grammar School through a colleague and was successfully appointed in 1992.

Cam was appointed a House Coordinator in 1997, a position which he held for 11 years. “I absolutely loved the process of building these significant relationships of trust, support and respect with the students. It is such a wonderful role to play in someone’s life; encouraging them to achieve things that they don’t think they can and then see them shine with pride when they have.”

Looking for a change, Cam moved to Bayview in 2007 as the Year 7 Coordinator. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Bayview. Children have a completely different outlook at this time of life – where they take great joy from simple things and where Lego is king. It also gave me the opportunity to enhance relationships with the staff in Bayview and Eblana.” During his time in Bayview, Cam progressed to become the Curriculum Coordinator and then the Head of Bayview.

After almost three years as Head of Bayview, Cam successfully applied to be the Head of Frogmore. “Moving back over from Bayview, I was able to work with the same students I had first met in Year 5 and to see them emerge as wonderful young adults in Year 12. This span of time means you really see their full growth as a person and can be part of their journey as their adult lives take shape.”

“I have been very fortunate to work with a fantastic group of people, both students and staff. It’s the reason I love being a part of Mentone Grammar and why I have been here for 25 years.”

Cam has also studied a Masters in Management and Educational Leadership.