Vale – Michael Flavell

VALE – Michael Flavell (Class of 1960) 

4 April 1943 – 24 July 2023 

It with much sadness that we inform the Mentone Grammar community of the sudden passing of Michael Flavell from the Class of 1960. 

Michael ‘Mike’ Flavell joined Mentone Grammar in 1949 as a bright-eyed Year 1 student. Growing up in Beaumaris, he loved the outdoors which was displayed by his eagerness to jump on any sailing boat he could from a young age. Mike was a passionate member of the community serving on various sailing and golfing committees in the local bayside and greater Melbourne area. In his professional life he was an engineer working on skyscraper buildings in Melbourne and Hong Kong. Amongst many other career pursuits, Mike always had a love for repairs and restoration projects.

The Flavell family has a long lineage at Mentone Grammar spanning over 70 years, with Mike’s brother Richard following soon after himself and his first son Aaron attending from 1979 to 1989, with a three-year break from 1982 to 1985 while in Hong Kong. Mike rekindled his connection to the School more recently with his two sons attending, Wes from the Class of 2016 and Troy from the Class of 2018. 

The Mentone Grammar community meant a lot to Mike and its significance in his and his children’s lives cannot be understated. He was thrilled to play in the very special Centenary Golf Day earlier in the year. Mike was 80 years old and looking forward to his “next decade of sailing” as he put it. He will be greatly missed. 

Labore et Honore. 

Michael is pictured above with his Form IVB class in 1958 (front row, third from right).