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Mentonian Foundation Award 2022 Winners

Congratulations to Kelsey Cotton (2012), Lottie Morison (2013), Adam Nelson (2013), Alex Shermon (2015) and Bihai Sun (2014) on receiving a grant of $15K each towards their PhD studies as this year’s Foundation Award recipients!
This year’s field of applicants was extremely strong, with Kelsey, Lottie, Adam, Alex and Bihai’s presentations so outstanding that the Mentonians Committee decided to award an unprecedented five PhD grants at last night’s Awards Celebration Evening.
Kelsey is studying at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Kelsey’s research engages with feminist and care-centric perspectives of human-computer interactive Music Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodology, exploring how AI technologies are and can be used for making music and art.
Lottie is studying at the University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. She is researching communication skills in children with genetic conditions who have severe communication impairments. Her research will also improve our understanding of three rare genetic conditions – Kleefstra Syndrome, Batten Disease and Angelman Syndrome.
Adam is studying at the University of Melbourne. His research is focused on understanding the immune response to cancer and is investigating the role that specific T cells recognise antigens derived from altered metabolism via screening with regard to recognition of cancerous cells.
Alex is studying at the University of Melbourne. His work examines the dynamics of contemporary conspiracy theories in Australia. For example, COVID-19 and ‘Stolen’ elections in the USA. Conspiracy theories have been a hot topic in academic research since the 1960s, but there has been a minimal amount of research done in the Australian context.
Bihai is studying at Monash University. His research is about more effective methods for reducing drag induced by turbulent flow. His research will be the basis of drag-reduction devices for industry and defence, and will ultimately lead to more efficient cars, trucks, planes, ships, and pipelines.
Click here to learn more about each of our brilliant awardees.