Foundation PhD Scholarship

The Mentone Grammar Foundation supports Mentonians with a grant of up to $15,000 to assist them with the pursuit of Doctoral studies. The Mentonians Association and broader Mentone Grammar community proudly supports our students to continue to ‘dream big’ long after they leave school.

RecipientAlumni YearYear of AwardArea of Study
Justin Griggs 20052023Justin's research focuses on understanding, treating, and preventing sports burnout in youth athletes. His work aims to inform practitioners in designing programs to reduce burnout in the sports field.
Lotus Jeffs 20182023Lotus' research centers around the neural mechanisms involved in weight control, with a specific focus on GPR75. Her work has implications for developing novel therapeutic treatments for obesity.
Kenneth Wu 20182023Kenneth's research focuses on the molecular and cellular calculation of lymphocyte population dynamics. His work contributes to understanding and controlling the immune system, with implications for the development of new drugs and disease therapies.
Kelsey Cotton 20122022Kelsey’s research engages with feminist and care-centric perspectives of human-computer interactive Music Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodology, exploring how AI technologies are and can be used for making music and art.
Lottie Morison 20132022Lottie is researching communication skills in children with genetic conditions who have severe communication impairments. Her research will also improve our understanding of three rare genetic conditions; Kleefstra Syndrome, Batten Disease and Angelman Syndrome.
Adam Nelson 20132022Adam’s research is focused on understanding the immune response to cancer and is investigating the role that specific T cells recognize antigens derived from altered metabolism via screening with regard to recognition of cancerous cells.
Alex Shermon 20152022Alex's work examines the dynamics of contemporary conspiracy theories in Australia. For example: COVID-19 and ‘Stolen’ elections in the USA.
Bihai Sun 20142022Bihai's research is about more effective methods for reducing drag induced by turbulent flow. His research will be the basis of drag-reduction devices for industry and defence, and ultimately leads to more efficient cars, trucks, planes, ships, and pipelines.
Anika Vear 20142021Development and testing of new drugs for treating cardiac fibrosis – the build-up of scar tissue in the heart causing cardiovascular disease and end-stage heart failure.
Adithya (Adi) Balasubramanian 20062021Targeting tumor-specific recognition signal pathways with novel or repurposed drugs to support immunotherapy in patients with lung cancer who may otherwise have limited treatment options.
Daniel Payne 20062019Utilising a complex two-year dataset to help predict seizures in epileptic patients by developing an insight into the intracranial triggers such as consistent sleep and the timing of seizures, to external factors such as weather.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic interrupted the Scholarship program in 2020 and 2021.